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Cocktail glasses

Cocktail 1.png

The Collins glass is a crucial part of your cocktail glass repertoire .  Use this glass for mixed drinks and high-balls, like mojito's and palomas.  

Cocktail 2.png

These Himalayan salt shot glasses are great- especially for tequila and mezcal!  Another big bonus to these glasses is how quickly they get cold.  A few minutes in the freezer will make these the coolest shot glasses you've ever used!

Cocktail 3.png

One rocks glass, one coupe, and one high ball.  This set is a great starting point, and will help you serve neat, rocks and up drinks in their proper glasses.

Cocktail 4.png

Mules are always fun- especially when you make your own ginger beer!  This classic mule mug is the best way to serve Moscow Mules, Kentucky Mules, and everything in between!

Cocktail 7.jpg

Nick and Nora glasses, named for the protagonists of "The Thin Man" series, are small, and ideal for martinis and manhattans.  

Cocktail 5.png

A classic coupe is perfect for champagne, or for cocktails served up.

Cocktail 8.jpg

Rocks glasses are ideal for serving a drink neat, or serving classics like Old Fashioneds.  

Cocktail 6.jpg

Another great multi-piece bar set, this one has some more eclectic glasses for hurricanes, in addition to a pint glass complete with measurements.

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